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Choosing the right color

I walked into the newest Scheel’s in Loveland, Colorado a couple weeks ago and it was a total overload of the senses.  Sporting equipment from floor to ceiling and as I made my way to the fishing area there was a visual array of colors to choose from.  I stood there looking at the colors

Boat Cleaning

This article is not one of those articles that is a ton of fun to write and probably less fun to read but I need to put this information out on paper so everyone knows how to deal with it.  What I am talking about is the dreaded boat scum or hard water buildup spots

Heavy Metal

The sun is setting earlier and the fishing season transitioning into the late summer and early fall patterns.  It’s that time of year when heavy metal rules the water!  I don’t mean Guns N Roses in a Ranger boat or Metalica playing Unforgiven while casting for Walleye.  As awesome as that would be, I am